My 41 years of musical activity in FM radio and Web

I started my adventure in FM radio in Messina, after my audition from my friend Candido Sciarrone of Radio Panorama .... in 1975 ... with a variety program hosted by me and Franco Signorino (aka Stilz) and then later with a new program relating to the disco music ... hence a succession of great memories also with other Radio:

Messina Onde Radio born in 1978, home away Novitiate 12, 89.400 MHz; 96.300 and 96.600, publisher Association Marinara Ittos Messana, began operating under the name of Radio South Point, took the Messina Waves Radio 80s. For thirty years the issuer, strongly rooted to the territory of Messina and Calabria, has released good music, he was involved in organizing concerts of big names of Italian song, in numerous interviews and Messina in organizing cultural events.

Radio Messina Quartiere
Radio Libera Messina Centro
Radio Sirio RTP - Messina

Radio Luna FM 103.20 to 103.50 Roman station Radio Luna on the initiative of its publisher Sergio Talia in 1975 in the late '70s and early' 80s gave birth to a national circuit with affiliations to the Roman leader local issuers in other Italian cities. Using a system that would later used Canale 5, Rete 4 and Italia 1 starts a network. From headquarters they were sent to local radio boxes of revox tapes with recorded programs from Rome, common programs and common to all affiliated radio, even if the parent left to individual issuers a small band of local programming. Joint programs were: One hour a day of Foxy John, Francesco Acampora, Maria Cellia Bendadi and Federica; Luna Top 30 Sergio Mancinelli, Brazilian music Sergio Brasil, a talk show hosted by Gianni Elsner and the Ilona Staller programs and Frederick the Flying Dutchman.

Antenna dello Stretto Emittente di Messina di proprieta di Mariano La Corte detto  “Zio Mario”, è nata nel 1975, è stata la prima radio in Messina e provincia. Irradiava  i suoi programmi dai 102,200 - 102,400 -  102,600 e 103,00, ha ceduto dopo gli anni ottanta i 102,600 a RTL ed è pure cambiata la proprietà .

RC International - (RC)

RTL Palermo


Radio Messina Uno Special Issuer born October 21, 1977, home away Alessio value is 6. 301a, manager Angela Costantino, radiating its programs from 100.000 MHz. In the 80 broadens its coverage area radiating its programs by 93,000; 97.600; 100,100; 103.200 and 103.500, and is recorded in the Isar listening investigations. It is affiliated to the syndication Radio Margherita before, and Italian Radio Division, then. E 'was the first broadcaster to organize live concerts, the first of Enzo Whittaker from tent theater. But Fabrizio De Andrè, Ron, Pino Daniele, Pooh, Renato Zero, Claudio Baglioni, Vasco Rossi and so on. Radio Messina One was the first radio station Messina par excellence. Ceased to exist 31 March 2007 giving its frequencies to the Calabrian Sound Radio and the national network Radio Rds Size Sound.

Radio RAI 3

Radio RAI 2



Italiana Radio -  Siderno (RC)


Dimensione Radio – Milazzo (ME)

Radio Kiss Espana

RMC Italia (radio millecuori) -  Vibo Pizzo  (RC)

Antenna Febea  -  (RC)

Radio Grand  Hotel -  Catania

Radio La Buona Musica -  Castel San Giorgio (SA)

Radio Solofra City - Solofra (AV)

AltroversoRadio - Roma


Radio Play Emotions – Cagliari