I was born in the "land of the sun" ... Sicily

Sicily....My land that I love so much .... I dedicate this video to all those like me who see in Sicily life ...... ... over Sicily is above all a warm and welcoming beautiful land !!! A video with a taste of Sicily, the most beautiful land in the world !!

Giovanni Falcone wrote:

"It is the sign of identity: to Sicily for our history. We have had five hundred years of feudalism. If you realize that the Sicilian is first and foremost Sicilian, then doctor, lawyer or police officer, you would understand better already. »


AGRICANTUS is a musical collective born and raised in Palermo

Sicilians are sons of Etna ... a volcanic complex originated in the Quaternary and represents the earth's highest active volcano of the Eurasian plate.

Ces images montrent les impressionnantes coulees de lave projetées par le volcan la nuit

"Etna" - salvoraodj - 2014 on mixcloud

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Famous Sicilian

Scientists and philosophers

One of the oldest and at the same time famous scientists of Sicily is the scientist and mathematician Archimede of Siracusa (287-212 BC), who made many great and important discoveries in mathematics and physics. Empedocle (490-430 BC), philosopher, poet and scientist, is considered the founder of the Sicilian medical school. The physicist Ettore Majorana (1906 - 1938), born in Catania, we have important contributions to nuclear physics, with particular applications in neutrino theory.

Artists and politicians

Even some of the most famous men of world history were born in Sicily. These include Dionysio I. of Siracusa (430-367 BC), Ruggero II. (1095 - 1154) and the Norman king of Sicily and the German Emperor Federico II. Hohenstaufen (1194-1250). Famous painters like Antonello da Messina (1430 - 1479) and Renato Guttuso (1912 - 1987) lived here, as well as the famous musician and composer Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835).

Writers and scholars

Sicily, however, was mainly home to some of the most famous writers and writers of Italy in the world. Among these should be mentioned first of Luigi Pirandello (1867 - 1936), Salvatore Quasimodo (1901 - 1968), Leonardo Sciascia (1921 - 1989), Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896 - 1957), Giovanni Verga (1840 - 1922) and, of course Andrea Camilleri (1925). All of them have helped to create a very special reputation for Sicily in the literary world.

Children of the "Mare Nostrum"...Sea Mediterraneo

is a journey in the Mediterranean between the unique scenery of the Maghreb - the medina and souks of Fez, the desert and the square Jami 'el-Fna in Marrakech - and Salento - between coast and inland - to tell in pictures, sounds, scents and colors the encounter between peoples and cultures,

VIDEO on the most beautiful Sicily you've ever seen, condensed the best of the island, its landscapes to architectural ones, through the people and the food. A wonderful fresco on the notes of the beautiful "Becoming Human" Ryan Taubert. Good vision!